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From trashes to who knows what :)

I got this playstation gamepad from trash. The cord had cuts in few spots so I though I tried to take it into parts. Maybe I can make some fun jewelrys from them.

So here's what I got from it. Not sure if i can make anything with the actual gamepad but the inner parts may have some use :)

These went straight to the trashbin. Rubbercord (had to cut it into pieces to get the powercords out of it) the connecting piece and the coppernet which was in the cord.

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Russian doll/ Matryoshka

Nowdays I seem to be very fond of matryoshkas. So I did little googling and found this pattern, thank you very much Rebecca!

I left out two rows from neck and one (if I remember correctly) from the head. And added one back loop row three rows after the first one. I was going to add more, but forgot :D I was watching James Bond, From Russia With Love during the time (quite suited for the theme XD) Then face from felt and scarf decorations from two ribbons and apron from rosefabric. The doll is about 20 cm high.

I chose the colours because they were close to one we had at home (still is at my mothers) It doesn't have all it parts anymore and the biggest has a huge crack on it, but maybe it will have a new life someday. The doll is like the one in this pick at topleft corner. Pick from here.

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Wrist warmers

I'm a person who has cold hands way too often. So I like wrist/hand warmers. Here's a pair that have a lacy look. I'm going to make a second pair with more sleeve.

I'm a huge steampunk fan, but I don't really know how to show it in everyday life. Maybe these are suitable for that mission :D

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Big Changes!

Due to the fact that I follow almost completely foreign blogs, I decited to switch my blog into english language. That way I can comment other blogs with no care and people can visit my blog and understand it better :) But I'm lazy and I'm not going to translate the old post's into english. You just have to look the pictures XD

I will make more changes with time to blogs outer look and ad some links.

I also promise to update it more often :D And ad a weekly linkhint post

Hope you will have a greate time here! ^^

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