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Weeks 2 and 3

Last week I drew a feather from pic I found from internet. done with few pencils and coloured pencils.

This week I really didn't get any good idea to draw but at least I drew something without model. This owl may not get ever any wall time, but it was a doodle while watching Being Human. Markers and coloured pencils.

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New woolly cap and visiting star :)

First of the unfinished crafts is now done. Purple woolly cap. I didn't get a decent pic of it in my head XD So its on a pillow.

And I have been continuing another work but this lovely cat called Raili (who is at my care for a week) is disturbing me time to time. Well obviously a cat in a lap on a computer chair isn't always the comfiest solution but I love to give her scratch still.

Back tomorrow with to drawing challenge pics.

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52 weeks drawing challange

Due to the fact that I don't really draw anymore I thought that I should correct this issue. I decided to draw/paint/whatever one postcard size picture each week to get myself on the rail again. Maybe after a year some of the pictures in the pile are wall hung worthy.

Week 1.

A zebra. Good start even if I say so myself.

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Christmas renewal

Well new year and new winds. First a short view to some lovely things I got for Christmas presents.

A metal tray which I hoped for. My friend Satu game me this leather elephant which is a money bank and a crochet flower brooch.

My mother gave me one of the newest dollhouse books that is around here in Finland. I love it!

And my friend Sanna had asked her aunt to make me this light. It has been shining every night at my living room window.

And Sanna also gave me this lovely kitschy biscuit jar. And it fits quite well in my shelve.

Here is something to tip of what I'm currently making but can't show here yet. One new year resolution should be that I finish all that I have already started before starting new projects. They begin to pile up.

I will be back later to show first part of my new challenge for myself this year...

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