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Jeah! Moving complited

Ok, so this week I finally unpacked the last moving boxes. That took about three weeks so I'm quite proud of myself :D

Hopefully now I get some crafting done. Here is something at least from my new bedroom. I have always wanted to put text on walls and in this apartment I'm going to do so.

I love the phrase "Keep calm and...." so here's my version :)

I took the pic at day time, but it's something like that at the evening. I cut the letters from interior magazine pages that had no text or as little as possible. Heres another pic with flash.

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Crafty Pirates give-away!

Ohoi! Thera Joyce is having a nice give-away in her blog. Go and check it out :)

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Hello! I just moved to a new apartment less than two weeks ago and all my stuff are still in a big pile. I have less cupboard space so my craft thingies are just in boxes over boxes. Hopefully I make some sense to it soon.

However I bought this book to be my new ideabook. I normally just scrible in the edge of any paper on the table so this might be a good thing XD

All the monsters that have stich-on-pants are terrified :D Maybe that tells me that only few ideas are actually good. Like the little green smiling one seems to agree ^^

Here's some other cute monsters, just click the pic to go!

Some crochet ones

One cute little toothfairy monster called Miss Petunia (love it!)

These are born to be classics!

And finally a link to how to make your own baby monsters!

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