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22nd of December

Another sad gingerbread house made by me :D I said last year that I should do these more than once a year to be better but naah. Anywhooo this is The Tardis from Doctor Who...or it tries to be XD

I did it few days ago and put off posting it 'cos I wanted to fix it but lazyness took the better of me. And lets face it. More icing doen't fix he problem. But I can garantee that I will have a blast eating it after Christmas.

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21st of December

And ofcourse yesterday was the 20th :D Today I share some lovely christmas houses of small sort ;)

Gorgeous gingerbread house from Craft Gossip.

Felt gingerbread house from Non Solo Kawaii.

Cute sewed houses from Marie Claire.

Little houses to christmas tree from Pinterest user.

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20th of December

Oooh the Internet how I love you!! I didn't have access to internet for few days and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to blog this year but *happy dance* everything is fine now.

Here are some cute garlands to put around your house. I got my christmas tree decorated yesterday and it has just red bead garland on it but these need to be made someday.

Paperball garland from How About Orange.

Felt garland from The Purl Bee.

And some sweet peppermint garland from Flickr PatchworkPottery.

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15th of December

So....woopsie... I had two days of and visited my family aaand then got lazy :D Well here's a splash of Christmas stockings for you. I love the idea of stockings even though they are not part of our christmas here in Finland. I was going to sew one for me this year but the fabric choices here suck! So I'm putting on my thinking hat and getting some new inspirations :D

Photo from Pinterest, uploaded by user. These are one of my favourites except the fur.

These are such lovelies! From Flickr. Not quite stockins but who cares :D

Not such nice shaping, but cute colours. From Better Homes and Gardens.

From Martha Steward.

And D-I-Y crochet stocking from Sugar'n Cream.

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9th of December

Today was heavily snowing here at my hometown. Aparently the edge of a storm that is at our coastal line. If you step outside you will end up as snowman :D Horible I say! I had to cyckle home from work. *Brrrrh*

Well anywhoooo here's some snowflake templates to create little more friendly winter at windows :)

And also from Pinterest

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7th and 8th of December

I saw this idea in one home magazine and thought that it would be nice here at my place since I live alone and it is nice to have some sounds at home.

Jingle bell attached to silk ribbon at kitchen doorway.

And here are some paper stars at living room window. Also there's
my old colourful light garland witch I have had since I was child. I actually prefer clear
lights these days but one has to be a little nostalgic :D
(I'm planning to have kitchy x-mas next year, so these will fit perfect then)

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6th of December

Today we celebrate our independence here in Finland. In honour of that I present few blue and white themed christmas ideas.

Snowflake garland from Martha Stewards workshop.

Present wrappings from Hello Friend.

Tree decoration found from Pinterest, original source didn't lead to anywhere unfortunatelly.

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5th of December

Two years ago I bought this treetop ornament because you just can't find beautiful treetop star anywhere. And also because I don't think it's nesessary to have a star (or angel) on your christmas tree.

I didn't have the chance to use it last christmas and I forgot about it so I bought another one from sale. And suprisingly I managed to buy one in the same colour. So this year my christmas is red and white and I just sprayed the other first white on the bottom and then red (very red).

From this.... this!

And bye the way. I will be having black fingers for few days since one spray can decided to brake its cap while spraying. Fun! Too bad it isn't summer so I could go wash some rugs :) that would scrub paint of. What I sprayed black will be shown one day.

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3rd and 4th Day of December

Today I attached few cardboard stars and one sisal star to my entry "hall" :D I have this ugly 6 piece mirror on the wall and maybe the stars make it a little more tolerable :) I have other plans to entryway also witch you will see later on.

Here is my inspiration that I found from Pinterest. I was originally going to make those double sided stars but I became really anoyed when pieces didn't fit together so I gave them a new meaning. XD

Made by Grey Luster Girl

And here is a another way to use these stars. From Little Birdie Secrets.

I'll be back tomorrow hopefully with my new treetop ornament :)

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2nd Day of December

Candy Canes! Love them a lot. I bought to myself 12 pack of them this Christmas. They have this ugly plastic cover and I intend to use them only as decorations so I will test to lacquer them. I have no idea if it ruins them, but I will test with one only :D

Candy canes on window garland. Pretty pretty!

Canes as flowerpot cover. Also nice display way.

Nice way to decorate a hallway forxemple.

Love them love them love them! <3

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Happy December!

Hello readers!

This year I'm going to present a deacoration idea or something from my home related to christmas at every day until 25th of December. You could think it as some kind of advent calender :)

So here are crochet snoflakes and christmas flowers that I made to decorate the tree later. They are made out of thin cotton yarn and they are about 6 cm wide.

The tutorial for these you can find from here.

And the snoflakes are from here.

Both of the ornaments were pinned to board and sprayd with spray lacquer to make them stiff. I don't yet have fabric stiffener but I really shoul get some :)

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Little crochet tablecloth

So, somewhile ago I bought this table from IKEA. I knew that I was going to paint it mat black, because my bed is mat black and it was going to be my new bedsidetable. And because the table is made from metal, I needed a tablecloth to it. I haven't found suitable yet from store so I crochetted one.

Here is also another DIY version of IKEA table that I find quite nice.

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Baby bunny

So here I am. Back as promised. Just to warm up crocheting I made this bunny. I just browsed through raverly pages and pick this tutorial found in here. I made her out of cotton yarn and  size 3mm hook. She is about 10 cm tall.

Here is also few pumpkins that I made earlier. Few more and I should end up with some sort of door decoration before christmas. Guide for the pumpkins is found here with whole lot of other fun patterns :)

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I'm here! Still alive :D

Hello! I haven't vanished from the face of the earth just yet :D I have been working with my final thesis. It's almost over so I can finally let myself do other things also. I have been quite mean to myself and if I haven't been writing my thesis I have not allowed myself to do any fun things either XD But now that it is nearly done I can start crafting again. And what better time than this because christmas is coming sooner than you think :D

Here is a pic of my new scarf that is in the making. I am going to London at November with two of my friends and I want to have new scarf for that trip. I try to do matching wool cap to it also. I'll be back tomorrow to show you a little amigurumi baby bunny :)

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Heart Handmade UK is having a give-away!

Take a look of this gorgeous crochet afghan!

Go at Heart Handmade blog to enter!

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Another gift

I went to our capitol city Helsinki a week ago with my friend. We "camped out" at my friends aunt and due to her work schedule we were a bit at her way so I wanted to make a gift. She loves and collects all things african so I made a african head pendant out of fimo. I have made similar before to a dollhouse so I just improved the "design" :D

There is a silver loop-pin pushed in to the head and I looked examples of the face paint out of the internet. The head is about 5 cm.

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A birthday present to my friend

One of my friends is a huuuuuuge Dr. Who fan so I made this Tardis inspired pouch to her new phone. Made out of merino wool, felt lining and button closing.

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Jeah! Moving complited

Ok, so this week I finally unpacked the last moving boxes. That took about three weeks so I'm quite proud of myself :D

Hopefully now I get some crafting done. Here is something at least from my new bedroom. I have always wanted to put text on walls and in this apartment I'm going to do so.

I love the phrase "Keep calm and...." so here's my version :)

I took the pic at day time, but it's something like that at the evening. I cut the letters from interior magazine pages that had no text or as little as possible. Heres another pic with flash.

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Crafty Pirates give-away!

Ohoi! Thera Joyce is having a nice give-away in her blog. Go and check it out :)

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Hello! I just moved to a new apartment less than two weeks ago and all my stuff are still in a big pile. I have less cupboard space so my craft thingies are just in boxes over boxes. Hopefully I make some sense to it soon.

However I bought this book to be my new ideabook. I normally just scrible in the edge of any paper on the table so this might be a good thing XD

All the monsters that have stich-on-pants are terrified :D Maybe that tells me that only few ideas are actually good. Like the little green smiling one seems to agree ^^

Here's some other cute monsters, just click the pic to go!

Some crochet ones

One cute little toothfairy monster called Miss Petunia (love it!)

These are born to be classics!

And finally a link to how to make your own baby monsters!

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