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The final winter knit

So here's the final knit work of the winter. Maybe I should do something spring themed so I could persuade the winter to retreat after these long months :D

The wooly cap was inspired by a bag that I got from my friend. And also I had chance to use some left over yarns to it.
I made it long so I could turn it a bit twofold for my cold fearing ears :D

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Another woolcap and scarf

Winter is nearly over here. Snowpiles are melting fast and you just might buds of a leaf in the trees beginning to grow. So soon there is no need for wooly accessories but i began this scarf at last fall and it was my neverending project thourgh winter. And now, hurray! It's finally done and of course it needed a matching hat.

The scarf is knitted in 1. row:1 knit 1 purl and 2. row knit all. The pattern has its own name, but i don't know how to translate it to english (in finnish: kohoneule). I used about 300 grams of yarn to this scarf and it it about 2 meters long.

And the hat is knitted in twisted style: purl 1 knit 4, repeat row. Then move the purl one stitch forward. Here's the instruction found through Raverly.

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Felt brooches

Hello! I'm totally bad at blogging these days. My only excuse is that I have started my final thesis project at school and need to finish it at this spring. But I will try to balance my life between school and crafts and be more active at blogland :)

So these brooches are made of felt. One of my favorite materials ever :D they have simple safety pin fastening because I don't want to use actual brooch bases to these sort of accessories. I sewed a piece of felt behind the booch and but the pin through it.

Little owl ^^ I love owl's so much!

And little round thingy with button :)

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