Weeks 2 and 3

Last week I drew a feather from pic I found from internet. done with few pencils and coloured pencils.

This week I really didn't get any good idea to draw but at least I drew something without model. This owl may not get ever any wall time, but it was a doodle while watching Being Human. Markers and coloured pencils.

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New woolly cap and visiting star :)

First of the unfinished crafts is now done. Purple woolly cap. I didn't get a decent pic of it in my head XD So its on a pillow.

And I have been continuing another work but this lovely cat called Raili (who is at my care for a week) is disturbing me time to time. Well obviously a cat in a lap on a computer chair isn't always the comfiest solution but I love to give her scratch still.

Back tomorrow with to drawing challenge pics.

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52 weeks drawing challange

Due to the fact that I don't really draw anymore I thought that I should correct this issue. I decided to draw/paint/whatever one postcard size picture each week to get myself on the rail again. Maybe after a year some of the pictures in the pile are wall hung worthy.

Week 1.

A zebra. Good start even if I say so myself.

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Christmas renewal

Well new year and new winds. First a short view to some lovely things I got for Christmas presents.

A metal tray which I hoped for. My friend Satu game me this leather elephant which is a money bank and a crochet flower brooch.

My mother gave me one of the newest dollhouse books that is around here in Finland. I love it!

And my friend Sanna had asked her aunt to make me this light. It has been shining every night at my living room window.

And Sanna also gave me this lovely kitschy biscuit jar. And it fits quite well in my shelve.

Here is something to tip of what I'm currently making but can't show here yet. One new year resolution should be that I finish all that I have already started before starting new projects. They begin to pile up.

I will be back later to show first part of my new challenge for myself this year...

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Where did this year go?

Time run away from me this year so quickly. I graduated, I fell in love, I got a job (not in a field what I studied tho), planned future and got my heart broken. Still more positive in a year than negative.

Again I find myself planning my future and life. For the past year I wanted to blog more about my life and stuff, but never got up for it. And also it seems very difficult to dig camera from bag and take a picture of what I'm doing.

So...Next year I will blog more and take more pictures.

I could start listing some hopes and dreams for new year.

I want to move to a different city. I have wanted to live in Tampere since I was 17 years old. But I will not just randomly move to there. I want to get a new job so I don't have to stress about money when I move.

I want to learn about photographing. So I thought I get some books about it from library for starts and then I ask some tips from a friend who has some skills in that department :)

I would like to find a new hobby. In best scenario I would move before summer and perhaps find courage to take apart in some amateur theater. Lets see how that will end up XD

And I will personalize the blogs layout, but that will not happen in a hurry because I tend to loose my temper when trying to create a blog layout.

Oh and because I'm now an interior designer I could do some interior posts time to time. I finally figured out what kind of interior style I am really fond of so I will try to change my home to match my dreams. If you are a tumblr user you can find my blog in here.

Have a very merry and peaceful Christmas!

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Thor and his Mjölnir and Loki

Again for friend. This time to give to her friends :D  Sanna does my wool socks and I do crocheting for her. I was meant to teach her how to do these, but the patterns were not very beginner friendly.

Thor with his hammer and helmet. I did not have the time to starch the helmet, but luckily it stays in shape quite well. It was posted to UK for Christmas.

Loreal....because you're worth it! :D Thor became quite a princess.
And the pattern is from here.

Loki is travelling to UK in January so I had the chance to starch his helmet. And it was a must because of the horns.

Now he doesn't look that mean does he? I am going to make a staff to him also.
The pattern is in here.

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The Cookie Button give a way :)

The Cookie Button's  Sammy is having a 1000 followers give-a-way. You should check her blog out :)

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