Where did this year go?

Time run away from me this year so quickly. I graduated, I fell in love, I got a job (not in a field what I studied tho), planned future and got my heart broken. Still more positive in a year than negative.

Again I find myself planning my future and life. For the past year I wanted to blog more about my life and stuff, but never got up for it. And also it seems very difficult to dig camera from bag and take a picture of what I'm doing.

So...Next year I will blog more and take more pictures.

I could start listing some hopes and dreams for new year.

I want to move to a different city. I have wanted to live in Tampere since I was 17 years old. But I will not just randomly move to there. I want to get a new job so I don't have to stress about money when I move.

I want to learn about photographing. So I thought I get some books about it from library for starts and then I ask some tips from a friend who has some skills in that department :)

I would like to find a new hobby. In best scenario I would move before summer and perhaps find courage to take apart in some amateur theater. Lets see how that will end up XD

And I will personalize the blogs layout, but that will not happen in a hurry because I tend to loose my temper when trying to create a blog layout.

Oh and because I'm now an interior designer I could do some interior posts time to time. I finally figured out what kind of interior style I am really fond of so I will try to change my home to match my dreams. If you are a tumblr user you can find my blog in here.

Have a very merry and peaceful Christmas!

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